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Our story

How We Began

On June of 2017, Pastor Eric Mounts announced that Calvary Baptist Church would be planting a church in Taylor Mill at Calvary Christian School.  The idea was to use an existing asset, the school, to host a different type of church in a different location.  In January of 2018, a launch group of about 40 adults and children from Calvary started meeting to prepare, plan and pray for this new endeavor.  We spent six months together and 3 special months developing our strategy, vision, name and ministry teams.  We would incorporate the simple church model with small groups as the core of what we do.  We would initially share resources with Calvary Baptist church with a goal of moving to autonomous as the Lord leads, E.g. Pastor Mounts travels to Center Point during the Calvary ABF hour to preach and return for the service already in progress at Calvary.  On Easter Sunday April 1, 2018, Center Point Church launched with about 120 people in attendance.

In 2021 we sensed the Lord starting to work in our church.  The leadership felt it was the right time to start the process of going on our own, leaving the nest of Calvary Baptist Church.  A core group of men met for many months defining our statement-of-faith, developing the leadership model, developing a membership process, approving 39 charter members, voting on 6 elders and calling our first pastor, Tyler Wittmer.  Our day of autonomy was July 1, 2021 and we have continued to see God do great things in our church.

Our Name

Names are very important so we wanted our name to have purpose.  We discussed as a team many names and settled on Center Point Church for several reasons; the location is at the intersection of Taylor Mill Road and Hands Pike which creates a “point” of origin and Jesus is the “center” of our lives.  It is our desire that God would use from this point to spread out the good news about Jesus to those yet to begin a relationship with Him. This name resonated with the launch team.


Simple Church

This ministry concept is just what the name implies, doing church simple, not being over burdened with lots of programs and meetings.  We meet corporately each Sunday morning and in small groups during the week in people’s homes.  There is nothing more except for an occasional event.  This affords more family time, requires less staffing/volunteers and more time for personal connection with those who have not yet come to trust in Jesus.

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