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New Here ?

Center Point Church exists to bring glory to God and to commune in fellowship with those seeking to make Jesus known. We are a Christ centered family of hope pointing others to Jesus Christ.

What to Expect

What is worship like?

We seek to lead people further into a life-altering relationship with the living God—and our worship services reflect that. Our times of worship begin with music (mostly contemporary songs, with occasional hymns and new arrangements) and prayer, then we open God’s Word together with expository preaching.


What should I wear?

The Lord focuses on the heart more than on the outward appearance, and so do we. You’ll find a wide variety in dress among our congregations—from casual jeans and shorts, to more formal. We simply aim to dress so as not to draw attention to ourselves, but keep the focus on Jesus Christ alone.

Is there a place for my kids?

Childcare for Center Point kids from birth up to age 7 is provided during our Sunday service. We encourage you to arrive early if you are checking your child in for the first time. 


What about older students?

Center Point is a family friendly, family-oriented church.  Because of this, ages 8 and up are encouraged to attend church with the family. 


What are the service times?

Calvary Christian School Campus:

We meet Sundays at 9:30am at 5955 Taylor Mill Rd, Covington, KY

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