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My relationship with God

Life in a broken world is tough.  We were made to find rest in our Creator.  Are you feeling down, dejected, going through a crisis?  Or maybe things are going great right now but you are asking questions about God?  You see, God is crazy for you and would love to come beside you and help you through those tough times or answer those hard questions about life.  God desires a personal relationship with you, that’s how he made us, but along came sin, which has infected all of us.  When put in front of God, our sin absolutely offends Him because He is perfect and holy, and this keeps us from God.  But because God loves us so much He decided a way was needed to reconcile us back to Him (Romans 3:23-24).  So about 2000 years ago, this God-man named Jesus was born from a virgin woman, conceived by God Himself, so that Jesus could live and relate to us as fellow individuals.  Jesus also lived sin-free since He is God.  Jesus taught, lived and performed miracles as He related to the people around Him.  As a result Jesus still relates to us today.


And then when Jesus was 33 it was time to wipe out that sin.  He died on the cross, spent 3 days separated from God and then rose from the dead.  He did that for you, all you need to do by faith is confess your sin, turn around and start living for God (1 John 1:9).  How do you live for God you might ask?  Read your bible, pray and fellowship with others that believe the same way, like your friends at Center Point Church.  Would you like to test drive one of our Life Groups?  We meet twice monthly from September through May to support each other in this good way following Jesus. 


You might be reading this and have more questions, we would love to sit with you and talk.  Maybe you’ve read the Bible and don’t understand it, pray and ask God to help you understand it.  This is a big decision but one that will change your life forever.  Don’t hesitate to contact the pastor or one of the elders to discuss further.

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